Luxury Hotels in Santorini

Santorini’s blue-domed buildings, and whitewashed walls overlooking an azure sea, sum up the classic image of a perfect Greek setting. Located in the Southern Aegean, Santorini is the southernmost island of the Cyclades group. Formed by the Minoan volcanic eruption 3,000 years ago, Santorini has played a central role in Greek mythology…and in the holiday memories of generations of visitors. Its luxury hotels have been the realm of rich and famous guests for several hundreds years, and its beach resorts remain a vacation favourite for holidaymakers of all budgets. Imagine stepping onto the balcony of your five star hotel, with a morning coffee in your hand, and looking out across a townscape of blue and white rooftops, dotted with the spires of Byzantine monasteries, to an indigo sea under an Agean sky of purest blue. Picture yourself exploring a labyrinth of bright alleys where hanging baskets drip with colour, and old Greek ladies in black skirts pray to icons outside Orthodox chapels. Imagine the wine-dark sea lapping at your feet as you dine at a beachside taverna. Now make your dream a reality with our list of luxurious Santorini hotels presented below:

Aqua Blue Hotel – Santorini

The Aqua Blue Beach Hotel commemorates the Bronze Age of Greek civilization. This luxury hotel has finishing color accents and shapes inspired by Cycladic Art. Set on the foot of high land and resting on the black sands of Perissa, this hotel is 14km away from the hilltop ruins of Thira. The rooms chill the naked eyes with enlightened white, touched by pastels of green […]

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Kivotos – Santorini

Uphill in the center spot of Caldera where a modern fairy-tale-inspired village nestled, an all-black extremely luxurious hotel stands out, the Kivotos Santorini. The noticeable eccentric features of the hotel pay tribute to the volcanic geological activity. Setting an all-black interior gives you the desire to discover a challenging adventure. Nearby Disney-like establishments offer unwinding moments with a visit to the museum of Prehistoric Thera, […]

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Phōs the Boutique – Santorini

Anyone’s ultimate dream, a living Goddess submerged into lavishness, embedded into the Santorini empire. The ever luxurious Phos the Boutique Luxury Hotel and Villas takes a part of the Akrotiri Peninsula, highlighting the Caldera views. Stunningly white, this cherry-picked location hotel has an exclusive intimacy with the Red Beach, the White Beach, the Akrotiri Lighthouse, the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, and the majestic volcano. Each prestigious […]

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