Four Seasons Hotel – Ten Trinity Square

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Name: Four Seasons Hotel – Ten Trinity Square


Location: Luxury Hotels in London

The Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square has a strong claim to being in the heart of London. Redevelopment discovered artefacts spanning human history including a flint knife that could date to 8500 BC. The Four Seasons also faces The Tower of London which contains the oldest intact building in London. Interior design by Martin Kemp has meticulously layered contemporary design upon timeless style.

With something of an underground atmosphere, this luxury hotel, complete with marble floors in the bathrooms, can keep the bustle of city life at bay while still ensuring that contemporary London is on your doorstep. If you’re staying in you can enjoy private wine tasting, offering you the opportunity to select a great wine to go with a meal prepared by a personal chef.

You can also enjoy the beauty treatments, hairstyling services, keep fit in the pool, or head to one of the two ballrooms. Or, if you’re ready to enjoy London, you could start with the history of The Tower of London. From there, it’s a short walk to a riverboat tier from which you can enjoy many of the jewels of London such as Shakespeare’s Globe, Westminster Abbey and Tate Britain.