Jamala Wildlife Lodge

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Name: Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Address: 999 Lady Denman Drive, Weston Creek, 2611 Canberra, Australia

Location: Luxury Hotels in Canberra

Jamala Wildlife Lodge offers a lifelong experience with a special blend of adventure and elegance. The luxury hotel is located on the banks of the Molonglo River, away from Canberra’s bustling city center. Its special feature is that it is surrounded by the National Zoo and Aquarium, so in addition to upscale pampering, guests can get acquainted with endangered animal species up close.

Depending on your booking at the 5-star hotel, you may have a different experience in the richly appointed rooms and suites. Giraffes arrive several times a day at the balconies of the six suites, called Giraffe Treehouses. And in the Jungle Bungalows, you can admire tigers, lions and cheetahs up close through huge glass windows, even while taking a pleasant bath.

In the Rainforest Cave Restaurant, guests can taste a gourmet menu based on seasonal ingredients. There is also a good chance that hyenas or white lions will join the dinner, of course they can be seen through an enormous glass wall. On the terrace of the restaurant, you can sip pleasant cocktails while enjoying the company of sharks swimming in gigantic aquariums.

Richly decorated in a traditional African style, guests at Ushaka Lodge can enjoy an exclusive private pool in an environment surrounded by high and lush palm trees. Guests of the Lodge have a separate spa, dining and outdoor seating area, which is a slice of Africa in itself, with views of the jungle.