Kivotos – Santorini

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Name: Kivotos – Santorini


Location: Luxury Hotels in Santorini

Uphill in the center spot of Caldera where a modern fairy-tale-inspired village nestled, an all-black extremely luxurious hotel stands out, the Kivotos Santorini. The noticeable eccentric features of the hotel pay tribute to the volcanic geological activity. Setting an all-black interior gives you the desire to discover a challenging adventure. Nearby Disney-like establishments offer unwinding moments with a visit to the museum of Prehistoric Thera, The Wineries, village vineyards, and the tour around the cave-like houses.

The suites and villas have a dominant interior black, down to the outdoor hot tubs and heated pools. Extraordinary suite and villa categories like The Signature Suite, Superior Suite, Honeymoon Suite, Deluxe Suite, Kivotos Villa, Solar 2-Bedroom Villa, Cave 3-Bedroom Villa, and The Wellness 4-bedroom Villa. A common feature of a deck that views the Aegean Sea and the scenic Caldera, a SONOS wireless system that allows listening to quality sound music and a complete facility for external pleasure and internal hygiene.

Far from the usual hot drinks in the morning, Kivotos differs by a Champagne breakfast, served in your private suites and villas. Lead to the Mavro Restaurant after an appetizing drink and savor the Meditteranean dishes and delicacies of fried white aubergines, tomato balls, courgette balls, baked calamari, and sun-dried tomatoes. Glide to luxury drinking at The Bar while you witness sunset imparting with the seas. Dining in your suites or villas is another great option for privacy preferences.

Kivotos provides experiences for sea excursions and village strolls, water sports activities, culinary lessons, a movie watch with an amazing open-air big screen featuring a stunning garden, a dim light, and a peaceful atmosphere. Pictures released are of first-class plots. Services of the spa and other wellness programs, fitness centers constitute the launching events.